Snapchat at its 2020 Partner Summit back in June showcased its upcoming “Snapchat Minis” which are just the smaller versions of the full apps integrated within Snapchat.

Snapchat Minis offers a new way for the developers of the app to reach Snap’s audience providing experiences in the app only, built on snap’s platforms. This means that rather than offering users to download their own apps, businesses can replicate these small experiences in these mini versions.

The first-ever Snapchat Mini is rolling out this week, with Headspace releasing new meditation and mindfulness tool.

Snapchat's Mini Headspace
Image Source: Social Media Today

According To A Report By Mashable

“Users can access the Mini in chat by clicking on the rocket icon at the bottom of the screen, which initiates a Headspace session within Snapchat that the person or people they’re chatting with can also click to join. Once a user clicks into a session, there are six three-to-four minute meditations to choose from: “Just Breathe,” “Get out of a funk,” “Kick the panic,” “Be nice to you,” “Pressure to succeed,” and “Me time.”

Once you get into a session with your friend, you will get to see they are joining throughout, with their Bitmoji character displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Bitmoji character at the bottom
Image Source: Social Media Today

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Users also have the option to chat within the experience though it pauses the process. Apart from being a huge technical advance for Snap, it is crucial to have an addition like this, as so many people are dealing with range of mental health issues amid the pandemic.


The introduction of Snap Minis while help Snapchat open up to more contributions which will, therefore, help it create a huge eco-system to compete with social media apps like Facebook. Users can use Headspace Mini from within their chats from today.

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