Considering the expected return of mass physical meet-ups again in 2021, during the pandemic, this might be a huge addition for Snapchat in the second half of the year. Back in 2019, users discovered a feature within the Snapchat app code for ‘Events’, which will allow users to add the details of the event into a sticker which they can further add to their Snaps and invite their friends to join.


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Snapchat code for Events
Image Source: Social Media Today

This week, a report stated that Snapchat has filed a new patent for its coming Events feature.

Events Meet-up
Image Source: Patent Drop

As seen in the above pictures, Snapchat events will be turned on through a sticker, which will have all the relevant information about the event. The sticker will be shown in the snaps, while the information will also be listed on the Snap Map of people attending the event along with the avatars of attendees.

Explanation By Patent Drop

For the friends receiving the event invite, they’ll be able to join the event and chat with others attending. Finally, any photos or videos that are taken during the event will be automatically added to the group chat.

It, therefore, provides a new way to encourage meet-ups and also a discussion space, which will have images and notes from the event.

Promotional Value Of The Option

Snap could create interesting partnerships with local merchants who want to offer deals for groups to come to their location. For example, imagine a Snap partnership with Starbucks where if users select the ‘who wants to meet me for a coffee?’ filter, users are recommended the nearest Starbucks as a location.


This could provide new marketing opportunities where businesses can promote their location as a meet-up spot within the ‘Place’ selection drop-down, perhaps sharing out a discount code or offer as a part of the promotion. There is no official release date for the feature yet, but it could be another thing to consider later in the year, as people look forward to going outside and meet with their friends.

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