Snapchat is trying out another TikTok-inspired feature with the addition of a new ‘remix’ option on the user snaps.


Snapchat Rolls Out ‘Sounds’ Feature To Add Song Clips Within Snaps

Snapchat Remix Option
Image Source: Twitter

Remix Snap Option

The new process will add a ‘Remix Snap’ option in the response tools on every snap. It will allow users to record their own snap with the original as it plays, then respond to users with their ‘remix’ which is pretty much similar to TikTok’s ‘Duets’ option. Snapchat has confirmed that it is in the live testing process, users have the ability to control who can remix their snaps with an option to tag users in your snap who can then further use your content.

Snapchat remix snap
Image Source: Twitter

Users will have the option to select how their remix is showcased with several playback options for the original and your own snap in the remix mode.

Remix Mode Snapchat
Image Source: Twitter


As you can see above users will be able to select side-by-side playback, picture-in-picture, and top and bottom mode among others. This feature does makes a lot of sense and seems like a solid addition for Snap that will generate engagement.

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