Coming up with their Geofilter option, Snapchat now seems to bring a new tool that will allow the viewing and sharing of Stories on web. There has been confirmation about the latest development which stated that the tool will allow the Stories to seen without the app. But, there has been doubt over the development of such a tool and whether it will be publicised or not.


How will the Stories Everywhere work?

The technicality behind its availability is not entirely clear but it says that Snapchat Stories will be accessible from the web browser like how Facebook and Instagram has in its mobile as well as desktop versions. Since this is a project under development, it could either be made accessible from web or it could be developed into something else.


More on Stories Everywhere

There is another possibility for this to work. Snapchat could develop a web player that will let the viewers’ view the content of the web pages like the similar tools used by other social media platforms-Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. This kind of tool would enable the users to pick any content, whether audio or video to embed it on webpage. Since the Stories dissolve after 24 hours, the sharing or viewing of the video would take a different form for the Stories to present on web indefinitely.


Another possibility on sharing

Under this possibility, it is suggested that other apps could integrate the Snapchat content in them. Though these are not yet confirmed and might take an entirely different form in future. But with these efforts, Stories Everywhere option would help bring in more revenue to Snapchat investors.


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