Facebook, which recently announced about its new privacy settings has come up with a strategy to identify any fake link before the user even clicks with the use of pre-click related articles to give the user some idea about its authentication.

These are articles have been rolled out in U.S., Germany, France and Netherlands.


The strategy to discover fake links

When a user hovers over the link, it will display some stories related to it including the articles from fact checkers like Scopes. The idea is that the article identified fake will get fewer clicks.


Added Advantage

This feature will also be helpful in spreading of fake news with no responsibility over Facebook to determine a valid link. If a posts contains multiple comments regarding its falsity, it won’t be shown.


What all could this strategy prevent

This pre-click article method will help in removing false information, hoaxes, and click baits. The algorithm is getting updated to involve human verification as well.


More security

The fake news could be flagged with a news tag displaying its invalidity.

Thus links are verified and tagged while stories that are claimed fake show up in the lower news feed.

Operators of a particular page have to give proof of their ownership before they make any modification in headline or text.

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