Companies which are engaged in offering services ranging from food to beauty and general delivery are offering various incentives to their staff members to make them stay. Along with this they are also offering stock options, delivery and productivity incentives and road accident coverage to employees.


Productivity Bonus by Big Basket

The largest Online Grocery startup Big Basket which has approximately 5000 employees and is currently present in 25 cities has kicked off productivity bonus three months ago. “Since our order density is pretty high, we have introduced a productivity bonus which we offer our delivery team and they can earn this bonus over and above their salary,” said Abhinay Choudhari, co founder of Big Basket.


Stock Options and Delivery Incentives.

A European cosmetics firm Artdeco Group which is Germany’s biggest cosmetics company is offering stock options to its employees in India, as said by company’s managing partner Sascha Reinhard. In a similar manner Pizza producer Domino’s has begun giving conveyance motivating forces in view of parameters, for example, driving securely amid conveyances while Yum Restaurants-claimed KFC offers street mischance scope.


Establishment of Logistics Providers

While an expansion popular has prompted the foundation of specialized logistics providers, for example, Runnr and Shadowfax, as per an industry examine, steady loss rates float anyplace at 50-60% in the internet business and conveyance space.


Jubilant Foodworks

JFL (Jubilant Foodworks) which is running countries largest pizza maker Domino’s, is giving delivery incentives among other sops to retain people. This adds an extra 5-10% salary if the person follows certain guidelines and performance parameters like not speeding while delivering, greeting guests etc.

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