American e-commerce giant Amazon has sent mails to some its customers due to a technical glitch. The email said that customers had received a gift. The mail displayed an image of crawling infant and told shoppers they had received a present from their baby registry.


 Technical Problems Faced by Amazon Earlier

The Amazon did not state what caused the glitch or what numbers of accounts were affected.

Major glitches are uncommon for Seattle-based Amazon, which prides itself on being an innovation organization, not just an online retailer. In June, few customers who were endeavoring to see item postings on Amazon were rather sent to a blunder message that demonstrated the picture of a dog. Similarly in February, its cloud storage and computing business, Amazon Web Services, endured a technical disruption that was felt more widely.


Amazon Makes Changes to Prevent Future Similar Incidents

Clients of the service from news sites to even Apple INC face temporary difficulties due to human-inputted error, showing how many are depended on Amazon’s cloud for their day-to-day operations. Amazon has since made changes to prevent similar future incidents.

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