Instagram is high on testing mode these days. With the development of a live request option in live chat, it has now decided to bring what was present on Facebook- share button. Along with this, there are several Instagram features that are under testing which consists of Regram button, which gives the option to add GIF to Stories and also saving Stories which currently survives for only 24 hours.


About Regrams

Instagram is testing a share button that will enable a user to share another user’s photo. But, it is still unclear whether the image will be a part of the user profile who would share the video or will be just restricted to display to the followers in News Feed.


The Manipulation with Stories

For the Stories format. The user can upload a GIF from his library to ad animation to it. It also testing a way to save Stories through an option of “archive”. Though it will delete the Stories from the feed but the user could go back and review his own Story.


Few Limitations to look out for

Instagram is going to allow the users to share their posts with some specific group of friends and not all followers. Their Close Friends List will allow the users to add friends to a list where he will share the post only with that list. The group members will get a notification when the post is shared among them.


A surprise for everyone

With already the cross-posting of stories between Instagram and Facebook, Instagram is testing another feature that will provide the feature of sharing a post to WhatsApp that will highly engage the user in conversation on the platform.

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