Google states that by the end of the month of September users will have to control global product availability in the product feed. Users can set the shipping attribute to the products straight away in the feed or the particular countries via the “additional countries” feature. This new feature applies to free listings and Shopping ads.

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As earlier there were two options for products to set available in multiple countries. Users could mention countries via the shipping settings ( either by using the shipping attribute to the specific products or by creating an account level shipping service) or you can simply mention the particular countries in your Shopping ads feed ( either by making use of the additional counties feature or as the country of sale).

Google’s Plan Of Additional Countries Feature

Google is selecting counties on its own in users feed to configure as “additional countries” of sale from the onset of the week of September 14, 2020. For many merchants, this does not affect the availability of products across countries. Up until 30th September 2020, Google will make use of the Merchant Center shipping settings to figure out additional countries. After this, the selection of the country changes can and will be determined on the product or feed level. Users product-level shipping attributes continue to apply. Users can go here to know more about the use of additional countries to determine your reach.

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