TikTok has released a new video editing feature known as “Adjust Clips” which enables you to reshoot and arrange particular sections of your videos.

Explanation By TikTok

Explanation By TikTok
Image Source: Social Media Today

There are three specific sections to the clip as seen in the above video. Creator of the video will be able to shoot again a particular part within the sequence, after looking at the clip compilation or can rearrange the sections accordingly by clicking on the ‘Adjust Clips’ option.

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This will add to editing capacity in your TikTok videos. Until now users were able to reshoot and delete the content section by section, this involved removing previous clips one by one. That says if you were to capture the perfect final frame but there’s something off in the middle frame then you will have to delete the middle part along with the last part.


This will be a useful update for TikTok users and beneficial for businesses and content creators to create more polished editing clips. Users will also be able to switch and mix content to form different outputs. This new feature is now available in the latest update of TikTok

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