Under technological development, companies are giving more focus on AR in 2021. It includes new devices to the market and taking the tools one step ahead. In this new year, Tiktok upgrades its AR tools by introducing a LiDAR-enabled effect.


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What is LiDAR

LiDAR which is also known for ‘Light Detection And Ranging’, computes the total time taken by the light to reach an object then reflects back. This increases the depth of mapping and results in the creation of new AR tools that connect and respond to the real-world object in a better manner.

LiDAR Enabled Effect


In the example shown by TikTok, the new technology responds to the real world. the glitters Fall down to the couch, the floor, and the person within the frame. Another important thing to notice is that when the person left from the frame, the glitters over his shoulder and his head falls away from his place.

Garrett Fuselier is the creator of the above effect.  The first LiDAR effect is available for iPhone 12 Pro as of now. But later on, it will be available globally.

Estimations For AR ad Revenue

AR Ad Revenue Estimations
Image Credits: Marketer.com

Snapchat has also declared about the inclusion of LiDAR enabled effects in its Lens Studio. It will help users to generate their own lenses with the help of LiDAR detection.


From the past trends we can see, AR is going to attain some great momentum in the coming year. Tools similar to LiDAR enabled effects will get great recognition and may become the best responsive option as well. These tools can give great benefits for E-commerce applications.

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