Twitter has announced that they buy a podcast listening app “Breaker”. Twitter recently launches the test of its Clubhouse style feature called “Spaces”. Acquiring Breaker will help Twitter to make the “Spaces” experience much more better and enjoyable for the users.


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Breaker – A Podcast Listening App

“Breaker” is just not a podcast listening app, but also it provides other various social media features like commenting, liking the podcast episodes, etc. App also refreshes the feed of podcast engagement to the user’s connection. Therefore, acquiring Breaker by Twitter makes much more sense.


Breaker - A Podcast Listening App
Image Credits: 9to5Google

Problems In Spaces

The biggest problem in Twitter’s Spaces is that the content is not noticeable. There is a wide range of live-streams that happens on the platform at the same time. Users either need to follow the profiles or may get some notification through updates on tweets that the user’s connection might have liked. There is no fixed place where all these things get highlighted.

But the integration of Breaker with Spaces will help the users to discover new podcasts, live streams. This way it will help Twitter’s new feature to expand more.


Twitter clearly not shown they will integrate with Breaker at the present moment, but Leah Culver (Co-founder of Breaker) has stated that the team will now work with Twitter Spaces. The Breaker App will be closed on 15th January.

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