Twitter is looking to generate some revenue through a subscription model. Twitter is planning to go with a subscription model for its TweetDeck and other premium features. As for now, it will be a monthly subscription.

The main motive behind the subscription model to make Twitter advertising more comfortable for the markerters. The company was trying to do this for the last couple of years but in 2021, the subscription model will be live.


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After the pandemic, the company is looking to generate some more revenue from new areas. During the pandemic, Twitter has increased its users in the US.

Before launching this plan, Twitter has taken a survey in the US regarding the subscription model.

Features Offered In Twitter Subscription

  • TweetDeck

Twitter is thinking to put Tweetdeck Feature under a subscription model. Currently, TweetDeck is free for all users. Tweetdeck is basically designed for the power users, therefore, put this in subscription seems to be a logical step.

Charging for TweetDeck is not uncommon as many third-party tools are there in the marketing who are getting revenues by giving premium features of social media channels.

  • Analytics

Advanced Analytics is also something that will come under the subscription model of Twitter. Users are now having basic analytics of about how many followers, how many impressions on the tweet.

Advanced analytics will help the users to know about the demographic impact, audience type ad many more.

  • Exclusive Content

To get exclusive content on Twitter will be chargeable. Recently, Twitter has a newsletter based startup called Revue in order to move in this direction.


As for now, these are only internal talks regarding which feature will be on subscription. But the edit option is something that will not come under the premium feature. The subscription model is only to get some revenue apart from the advertising.

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