Twitter has released a list of trending topics that are expected to remain in the year 2020 as well. Twitter is disclosing these insights in order to help companies so that they can easily increase their engagement with their customers.

Twitter Statement:

Twitter Releasing Trending Topics Insights
Twitter Releasing Trending Topics Insights
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Preparation Of list:

Twitter received billions of tweets over the past year and analyze them in order to prepare this list. Twitter has used machine learning in order to filter the facts and covered topics that are evolving on the platform over the past few years.

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Look At 5 Big Themes:

  • Well Being:

According to the company, people are talking more about diet, body image due to a healthy mindset and happy living. Mind and mental health conversations are up 125%, while conversations around the body and physical fitness are down 75%.

  • Everyday Wonder:

Conversations around profound practices – like yoga, chakras, Zen, and care – are down 45%. Discussions around elective otherworldliness – like mending, vitality, and crystal gazing – are up 168%.

  • Creator Culture:

In particular, unsigned musicians hashtags have increased by 113% as more artists join Twitter to spread awareness of their work. This means the creative arena is still alive and working hard on twitter.

  • Identity:

Individuals are sharing increasingly about themselves, breaking generalizations, and requesting more from society on issues identified with sex and assorted variety. The portrayal of inabilities, both physical and mental, are up 133%.

  • Tech World:

Individuals are envisioning the conceivable outcomes of an increasingly associated, effective, and far-reaching future. Discussions around a fourth modern insurgency are up 340%, particularly with regards to the impacts of AI and blockchain on the workforce.



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