Twitter is planning to delete accounts who are inactive for more than 6 months. Twitter is doing this effort in order to free some usernames for other users. Twitter expansion is the main result of this move.

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According to the company, “inactive” means the accounts that haven’t logged in from the last 6 months. So if an account is logged in some device but hasn’t done anything is considered to be an active account. The will initiate this step from the 11th of December.

Twitter By BBC’s David Lee:

Actions Taken By Twitter:

  • Twitter is reaching out to the users whose accounts are inactive from the last 6 months through emails. The company is giving them email notification regarding the deletion of their account.
  • It is unclear and unsaid about those accounts which are operated by bots. Accounts that are never actually be logged in by a human. Might possibly they won’t get delete till they are posting content.


Users who are looking for a particular username which is inactive can claim in December. But the owner has to be fast enough to get that particular username.

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