Each month Twitter releases a list of events and key dates for the coming month, which includes sporting events, seasonal celebrations, and industry conferences. Twitter publishes this list to help digital marketers to form their strategies and campaigns. But in this month of April, the list looks pretty small.

Gone are the days for  Tournaments, NBA playoffs, film festivals, Tomorrow land festival. But still, there are some events in the month of April which are worth waiting for and are still relevant enough for brands to collaborate or sponsor. Events like National pet day, Earth Day, Easter, all of these are going in with some capacity and it is high time to celebrate these events now more than ever. Events like these will help rejuvenate and keep the minds off from the headlines for a moment.

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twitter events calendar April
Image Source: Social Media Today

Twitter has also offered some tips to help those people who are working from home.

  • Communicate: Don’t think everyone has all the information required to do their job. Make documents and keep meeting notes to share.
  • Ask for feedback daily: Working from home and having no face to face conversations makes it hard to know if you are working the right way. Make sure to ask regular feedback from your colleagues and manager.
  • Routine focused: It is difficult to keep up with the normal schedule while working from home. Make a daily routine to stay focused.

The world right now is going through some difficult times due to the COVID-19 shutdown. The important thing to focus on is to be supportive of everyone as we are all in this together. Maybe these events and celebrations this month will offer some relief to the people during this hard time.

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