Twitter feels that people should know why something is trending, and have decided to add context with the particular trending tweet. This is will make it easy for people to understand why the topic is in the trending section. It has been asked a lot of times why the topic is trending. So to make it easy now a pinned tweet and description will be seen in the trends.

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Twitter Said:

“Throughout Twitter, we’ve been working to bring people more context on what’s happening with labels on Tweets and accounts as well as curated pages (aka Moments) and related articles on trends.

To help with this, we’re adding pinned Tweets and descriptions on trends to help explain why something is trending.”

Twitter Is Adding Context To Trending Topics By Answering 'Why Is This Trending?'
Image Source – Twitter

Representative Tweets

Representative is the tweet that will be found under the specific trend in the form if a pinned tweet. It will be find under ‘some’ trending tweets, looking at how fast the tweet is trending as this there is a human team behind it and they will check all the trending tweets and add representative tweets accordingly.

This is how the trending section will look like:

Representative tweets
Image Source- Searchenginejournal

Description Coming Soon

Twitter has planned to add only representative tweets to trends, where are descriptions will be available after some time.

According to Twitter:

“In the coming weeks, you should see brief descriptions added to some trends as well to help add context to the trend. Descriptions will provide straightforward, clearly sourced context around why something is trending.

Descriptions are developed by our curation team and follow their guidelines.”

Image Source – searchenginejournal

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