Twitter is working on a new option which lets users to easily locate any content including tweets images and links shared in direct messages, Shared by Social media Expert Matt Navarra.

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Twitter content shared in DMs listing


In the above image, when you tap on the information icon in the right of any message exchange, you can access these features whether to block or report the conversation or mute it for specific exchange.

In this new innovation, a feature of shared content is there which when tapped, takes you a listing of all the things shared between those people, or within-group or in private.


It can be the easiest way to keep track of discussions or talkings of a few days back.

For example, in the last few months, Twitter has:

  • Added new Tweet sharing option lets users with direct sharing links via DMs to users you communicate the most.
  • Started testing a DM Search Option to find any user by name.
  • Started testing a new option which lets users send a DM to their new followers.

It seems that Twitter is increasing DM Usage, which enables more messaging options & tools coming in the future.


And there is no official date of launch for this new feature by Twitter, but as you can see twitter is emphasizing more over DMs, you can expect it soon.


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