Twitter has improved its accessibility so that the tweets can be utilized and accessed by all potential users.

According to Twitter:

“Testing voice Tweets earlier this summer made us realize how much work we still need to do as a company, and we made a commitment to make Twitter more inclusive for the disabled community – creating a dedicated team to focus on greater accessibility, tooling, and advocacy across all of our products.”

Twitter made the announcement in June, however, there is not any widespread usage yet.

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This is an awesome innovation for the people who are not able to write with the keywords. They can take part in discussions using these voice tweets.

Twitter Explained:

  • “The Accessibility Center for Excellence will set goals, drive progress, consult and partner with groups across our core business functions to help make aspects of Twitter more accessible. This includes everything from accessibility in our office spaces to our marketing and communications strategies, to legal and policy standards, and more. 
  • The Experience Accessibility Team will work within our product org on new and existing features and products, providing resources and tools that promote greater accessibility on the service. They’ll work in tandem with the Accessibility Center for Excellence to ensure we’re held accountable in identifying and filling accessibility gaps throughout the product development lifecycle.”

This means the company is focusing on this feature, with both internal and external teams working on it.

The above initiatives will always ensure the accessibility ‘voice in the room’, so that Twitter may come up with new products and features for widespread usage keeping the elements in mind.

New Feature

Twitter Said,

“Beyond staffing our teams, we’re already working to add automated captions to audio and video by early 2021. This lays the foundation for a longer-term roadmap that invests broadly in media accessibility throughout our service.”

Twitter will take the survey of people with disabilities in the coming months to add new features. It is impressive Twitter is taking steps to improve its accessibility, as it is little behind from other social apps, as of now.

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