Twitter’s coming subscription plan will be known as “Twitter Blue” and might include features like undo send, bookmark collections, and many more. One of the confirmed features in the subscription plan is to undo sent tweets.

Jane Manchuun Wong reveals that the price of “Twitter Blue” will be $2.99/month.


Twitter Testing Out New Prompts For Users To Hide Potentially Offensive Replies

Its been a year now when Twitter has announced its premium plans. After having so much declaration, there is no full clarification on what and how much will be the cost of the subscription plan. However, there is information within the app itself, but no one can fully rely on it as a company can change it before the launch.

Tweet By Jane Manchun Wong

Undo Sent Tweet

Undo-sent tweets could be another best option for the Twitter creators. This will give them another chance to review their tweet before they actually publish it.

Once the user clicks the “Tweet” button, a timer will appear which gives about 6 seconds to undo the sent tweet. This is enough time for the users to check the mistakes in the tweet. When pressing Undo button, it will not publish the tweet and allow users to make necessary changes.


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