Twitter is introducing a new way to boost tweet discovery by enabling users to share Topic listings in DMs, tweets, and even off Twitter, interacting with others to key discussions of interest.


Twitter Testing Out New Prompts For Users To Hide Potentially Offensive Replies

Twitter introduced the option to follow particular topics in November last year as a way to help users- specifically new ones- search the content of most relevance to them. With Topics, even if you have no idea that who to follow, you can still find the key subjects that arouse your interest, which can further assist in boosting tweet engagement, and lead you to more specific profiles of interest. As seen in the above example, when a user shares a Topic list, it comes with a generic thumbnail, Twitter may fix this with an update in the future as the way it did with Lists.


Discovery has always been a key focus for Twitter as a way to make the platform not so difficult to understand. A common issue for Twitter from the users is specifically that the platform is not easy to navigate which Twitter has been working on for years to resolve it with updated options and tools, easing the various processes. Shareable Topics adds more in this respect, and also to enhance awareness of Topics as another option.

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