Twitter Now Lets Users To Add A Background Video & Images In Fleets


Twitter has introduced a new Fleets option which will allow users to put a background image or video to their Fleets frames through their camera roll which majorly enhances your visual communications options.


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Twitter New Background Feature
Image Source: Twitter

As you can see in the picture above, users will be able to click on the camera roll icon within your Fleets when you go to compose a Fleet. This will therefore allow you to add a bigger visual element to your Fleet offering new options for engagement and presentation. Shuangsta, the Twitter designer has recently shared some information on the feature in testing along with an example of how this can be utilized.

Twitter Fleet Background
Image Source: Twitter


There are so many ways that this feature could be used and there will most likely be few creative examples from the brands in the coming months which will bring more interest in the option. We can expect more Fleets features coming soon, maybe more enhanced AR tools that will light up the engagement and sharing from the tool.

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