Twitter now lets users add text descriptions to their uploaded pictures, with a “+ALT” button shown on the image itself.

ALT description
Image Source: Social Media Today

Explanation By Twitter

“Adding descriptions to images is a great way to include everyone in your conversation. These descriptions, aka alt-text, enable folks who use screen readers to interpret images in Tweets. Starting today, you no longer need a setting to add alt text.”

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Twitter added the ability to include alt text description to uploaded images back in 2016 but the process was not known by everyone but now with this new update you can see there will be an +ALT button on the image that makes it easier for users to add in the text description.

This can also help make images more searchable. Twitter has not yet enabled visual search alt-text at this stage but the information mentioned can be accessed and used to categorize your content. Adding a description is now more clear and upfront and hopefully more people will use it now.

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