Video is the best content to be added on all social media platforms, as on Twitter too. Tweets with video content have 10 times more engagement and promoted tweets have a 50% cost cut per engagement.

The latest research held by Twitter with MAGNA Global and IPG Media Lab on its video ad formats, multi-format sequencing.

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According to Twitter:

“Given the premium attention-grabbing nature of First View, leveraging it as the first exposure leads to 25% higher fixation on the ad. While First View will equally deliver on its primary objective of driving awareness whether seen first or second, it’s 27% more cost-efficient at driving purchase intent than when other formats are used first.”

Twitter Research
Image Source – Twitter

Looking at the pricing of the First View Campaign, it is not possible for every brand to afford it, therefore twitter said it will vary significantly according to the placement, for the prime placement brand has to pay a premium price.

First View Format

Twitter Said:

“When the ad is seen in the First View format, eyes are fixated on the video itself. In the Amplify and Promoted Video formats, people are absorbing additional information such as the account name, Tweet copy, and engagement metrics.”

First View Campaign
Image Source – Socialmediatoday

As per Twitter,

“When compared to the control, [both Amplify and Promoted Video] create memorable experiences (Amplify +33% aided ad recall, Promoted Video +59% aided ad recall), but each have their own strengths. Amplify spreads awareness to a broad group of consumers, driving +8% new product awareness and +8% research intent. Promoted Video helps to increase positive brand opinions like +18% cultural association and +9% the perception that the ‘brand is good quality’.”

Prompted Video and Amplify Video
Image Source – Twitter

These are some fascinating insights, which add to the different considerations for Twitter’s video ad options. Cost is a factor, but according to financial plan and targets, these discoveries could assist you with better target your promotion.

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