As 2020 is playing a surprise game with all of us, but still a lot to get from seasonal events which are planned by increasing boost is promotions, especially in these two end months of the year. Twitter’s monthly calendars are not currently full due to pandemic, as they can highlight planning for the promotions and more engagement. Calendars will work as a reminder as to how close certain dates and events are getting.


Twitter Testing Out New Prompts For Users To Hide Potentially Offensive Replies

This month we have Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Diwali, along with World Kindness Day, and these days could be a turning point for the year 2020.

Twitter events calendar - November 2020

Updated Calendar

The updated calendar is modified from the last version of the calendar launched last December on the 2020 Christmas hub. The previous calendar included ways and tips to help the businesses and campaigns. The hub now has downloadable guides, links to relevant courses, and webinars around Twitter ads. It is believed that it will maximize their Q4 push.

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