At last the feature the Twitter user were waiting for with anticipation is now on its way. With their latest ‘Team’ feature to handle business profiles, Twitter now brings upon the feature of bookmarking.


How will this help?

Bookmark button will help the user in saving the tweet for a later use or save them at your pleasure.


The current scenario

Currently, a tweet could be saved using DMing or by tapping the Like button. Some apps like Pocket have been used to save links to the articles in the tweets. But, the drawback for the method stands that these are not privately saved. The links to that tweet unexpectedly show up in the user’s followers list


How to use the feature?


When the user is reading a tweet, he can save it easily by tapping the Options button appearing on the right of Like button and then again on the “add-to-bookmarks” option.

For viewing the saved tweets, the user needs to tap on the profile picture and select from the bookmarked list.


What the product manager has to say?

The Twitter product manager Jesar Shah said “We’ll be tweeting to ask for feedback, and share our thinking as we compare designs, experiment, do research, and more”.


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