Twitter recently declared that it will be pining to the trends page a referring tweet that will give more insight about a trend and today the company states that it will be writing descriptions and headlines for a few of the trends, so you will have the better understanding about the trend in the explore tab.

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But there are still a lot of trends that still do not offer an explanation like for example hashtag #IJustDontBelieve, where users tweets about what they do not believe by sharing their own opinions. Therefore where a trend has no explanation, Twitter adds a news headline that will do the work of adding information.

trends description by twitter
Image Source: TechCrunch

Meanwhile, Twitter is working with its curation team to summarize less important news, say a trend about Harry Styles’ new look. Twitter states that the changes, the descriptions were written by the curation team focuses on providing a straightforward sourced description of why something is trending on some tweets. Twitter when asked about why only some of the trends have the explanations, A spokesperson from Twitter states that Twitter will only give more information on those trends that it feels like needs the extra information.

“If a trend is particularly confusing and a lot of people are talking about it, it may get a pinned Tweet or a description,” Twitter hopes to add more context to more trends over time.

A majority of tweets about a protest were either in support of or in the horror of said event, Twitter’s ability to contextualize that trend with data would be incredibly useful.

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