Twitter has declared a few new detailed additions to the direct messages by the users that you do not follow, which helps in understanding who the user actually is and how/if you are connected.

Explanation By Twitter

“Now when you receive a DM request, we’re giving you more context upfront about who sent it, like how you’re connected to the person on Twitter. And once you tap into the request, you’ll see their profile info along with their message.”

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Add on details on DMs
Image Source: Social Media Today

The new DM requests will also let you see which other profiles the user follows that you too are also connected with. Now when you click on the message, you will have a summary of the profile on top of the screen which therefore will refrain you from tapping through to know more into who the person is.

This is exactly the process for users who are open to getting DMs from anyone, that is why Twitter’s working on implementing it and having the information easily will help. Not only just seeing their bio but also the follower/following count and the date they first joined will also help you to know how exactly the person is and why they want to connect.

It is also interesting to see Facebook is also testing with some similar listing, but on the comments instead, showcasing people with huge followings when they engage.

highlighting people with large followers
Image Source: Social Media Today


This add on detail in this sense is to increase engagement and it is interesting to understand the value that having information related to this which is easily available on each post could bring. In Twitter, DM requests though it is a small addition, it helps ease the response process and could save time. This new feature is available to use for users from today.

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