With podcast listeners on the rise, is audio now becoming a crucial element of social platforms? Are audio tweets a new element to the app? It is interesting to consider and lately, Twitter’s design team showcased how audio tweets might look like. 

Audio Tweets
Image Source: Social Media Today

As you can see in the pictures, Twitter’s “Here and Now” audio tweets may look like, with clips connected to tweets and highlighted separately. Twitter released audio-only live streams back in 2018, which might provide a way to share audio tweets. 

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Facebook also released audio posts option in a few regions two years ago.

Facebook Audio Posts
Image Source: Social Media Today

The aim of the audio posts was to overcome the language barriers ( users may understand the language but not able to read it). Audio clips in posts did not turn out to be a big thing on social platforms, but you can share voice clips in messages which therefore offers a way to connect. 

The question arises: Will it work for Twitter? No doubt the presentation looks interesting and if it does roll out it will be an interesting option to consider.

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