On the Analyst Day presentation, Twitter has talked about various topics which include the subscription process and a new anti-troll feature. The anti-troll feature will be called “Safet Mode.”

The new process will alert users when their tweets are receiving bad impressions. Through the notification, the user can redirect himself to the “Safety Mode” where he can easily block/mute the abusive and bad comments from the accounts that are sending abusive comments or replies to his tweets.


Twitter Testing Out New Prompts For Users To Hide Potentially Offensive Replies

Twitter’s Safet Mode

Safety Mode By Twitter
Image Credits: Social Media Today

With this new process, Users don’t have to activate the auto-block functionalities. Users can easily review the accounts and replies that Twitter has already marked harmful to you. So, if your connections have a habit to mock you over your tweets, and Twitter has made them abusive tags for them, then also they won’t be getting blocked until or unless you have activated the “Safety Mode” Option.

Twitter’s New Prompts For iOS

Twitter is also testing an in-prompt alert for the iOS users if they receive an abusive reply on their comment or tweet.

Twitter Prompt For iOS Users
Image Credits: Social Media Today

It’s been a year now since Twitter is testing the language modeling process for this new Safety Mode system. It will be a really great source for the platform if it worked the way Twitter wants to be.


The company hasn’t provided any particular date for the development of Safety Mode. But it seems like the company will make it as fast as they can. It will be good to see, what type of responses does Twitter receives once the Safety Mode is live for the users.

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