Twitter is currently working on a new display format for retweets which will include both retweets and retweeted with comments in one single retweet count.

Twitter Retweet
Image Source: Social Media Today

As seen in the above picture, the new display format will contain all of your various retweets into a single data point. It has been unsatisfactory for many Twitter users. As Twitter has considered retweet with comments to be a separate tweet so that it is not included in your total retweet account. It has been taken as a bug by many, and if the test goes right the issue will then be cleared.

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Along with this, Twitter is also trying out a new way to showcase retweets with comments in your retweet records, separating the retweets into two different tabs.

Sub tabs
Image Source: Social Media Today

Twitter has verified the testing and says that:

twitter says
Image Source: Social Media Today

It seems to be a favorable change that will help you out to better understand your retweets.

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