With its revamped ads manager, Snapchat is rolling out two new ad options to boost up their revenue potential as it faces market competition from its rival technologies. These two new ad formats that are about to be introduced are ‘Promoted Stories’ and AR tools that will help in raising high revenue potential.


What are ‘Promoted Stories’?

These are the sponsored stories that is displayed on Stories screen for the users to see with ‘Sponsored’ note on preview pane. They can have 10 photos or videos in all and are promoted to users for particular country on their screens.

How is this going to benefit Snapchat?

The Snap ads are going to see a more descriptive ad format as against the previous content where Snap ads were inserted between other content. Brands could experience more profit as they get to broaden their campaign message as appropriate for young audience.


What are AR Trial Ads?

This is a very interesting ad format which will allow the users to place 3D product onto real world vista. Like the World Lenses, the users will be able to adjust the images, change the colours or pin them to some location. This will give the users to have a look at the object as to how it will look in that environment. This will more of an riveting situation rather than some useful one

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