San Francisco based transportation technology company Uber is now working on a technology that will allow people in India or people staying in low bandwidth areas to book rides without using their smartphones.

Making Big Investment in India

“We are making a big investment in India which could also help other markets with similar conditions. Many areas in India get 3G or 2G connectivity or even less than that. India is an android dominant market and many of the phones are 2012 or older, some folks don’t have a smartphone but they should be able to get an Uber too,” said Daniel Graf, vice-president and global head of product at Uber.

Creating a Reliable and Affordable Ride

“There are stakeholders for Uber’s driver and riders. We want to create a ride which is reliable and affordable. We have a long way to go to make it more reliable,” said Graf. Apart from making it affordable, the company’s goal is to make the ride safer, he further added.

SoftBank’s Investment

About the management reshuffle at Uber that saw founder Travis Kalanick being replaced by Dara Khosrowshahi as its CEO, Graf said that India continues to be a focus market. About SoftBank’s proposed investment in Uber which may create conditions for a merger with Ola, Graf said, “It’s not about Ola or Uber; it’s about transportation in general. We are (ride sharing) at low single-digit of the overall transportation opportunity, even if there were more players, there are so many opportunities in the market.”

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