From now onwards, inserting web stories on web pages is easier with a new update in Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin. Officially, Google has updated its Web Stories plugin for WordPress. These plugins will embed the stories on the web pages in the easiest way.

From the launch of the Web Stories Plugin, they have a number of creative tools, but users have to embed the content on their own.


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Gutenberg Block – Web Stories

Embedding Web Stories into webpages of WordPress initiates with inserting a Web Stories block. The block usually gives three options for embedding Web Stories into a post:

  • Single Story: You can insert a single story by providing its URL.
  • Selected Stories: In this, you can see a number of handpicked stories.
  • Latest Story: In this option, only recent stories are displayed, having a couple of options.

Further, site owners have to choose how they want to display their web stories. Following are the options:

  • A Carousel
  • A Grid
  • A list

The new Web Stories block allows stories to display stories anywhere the blocks have been used.


Website owners must be aware of the web Stories quality when it comes to appearing in Google search results. Google has warned site owners if they use Web Stories as a teaser of their any other content.

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