Snapchat is estimating the growth of 14% more than the company anticipated by the end of this year. Snapchat is coming back into track after facing continuous disappointment from your user’s growth.

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eMarketer Analysis:

eMarketer a research firm has generated an estimated increase of its users for the year 2019 through 2023. The firm has forecast the data by taking number factors into account such as the introduction of new features and rebuilt its platform for Android users.

eMarketer Report On Snapchat Users
eMarketer Report On Snapchat Users
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

According to the company, Snapchat is not growing year by year, in fact, the platform has shown good signs every quarter. With 27.4% of users from the US, the nation becomes the largest user of the platform.

Explanation By eMarketer:

eMarketer Explanation
eMarketer Explanation
Image Source: Search Engine Journal


According to eMarketer, Instagram is moving ahead than Snapchat. Besides being behind Instagram Snapchat still manages to have more than 80 million active users from the US only. Snapchat will be able to earn only $1.53 billion this year.




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