Linkedin introduced a new feature that will allow users to showcase samples of their work in their LinkedIn profiles.

Linkedin users in this new ‘featured section’ can include work samples such as-

  1. Links to your personal blogs or portfolio.
  2. Linkedin posts that you have shared or created.
  3. Articles that you have authored and posted on LinkedIn.
  4. Media like your images, videos, presentations, and documents.

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In order to secure the privacy of other LinkedIn members, users can not include posts from LinkedIn events and groups in the ‘featured’ section.

Users have to follow these following steps to add work samples to the new featured section on either mobile or desktop.

Step 1

– Click on Me icon located at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

Step 2

– Select the view profile.

Step 3

– In the featured section click on the added featured or you can click on the +Add icon.

Step 4

– Click on the +Add icon right next to the work sample you would like to show in your profile from the dropdown menu.

Step 5

– Click Save.

You might not be able to use this feature right now but it is something LinkedIn is working on and will be available for all the users soon.

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