Posts that are used by several users that asks the viewer’s blatantly to like the posts are going to see a drop in their numbers. This “engagement bait” as it is popularly called will have a lower appearance in the News Feed with the help of their latest machine learning algorithm. So, the posts that will ask to like or tag someone who likes will be penalized.


Facebook’s Action plan

Facebook is very particular about the Pages who use such tactics to gain social participation and says that in coming weeks there will be a substantial drop of these kinds of posts. Since such engagement bait comes in various forms, Facebook’s latest algorithm is going to bring down the post in News Feed that uses voting, asks for specific reaction, to share or tag or comments.


More on the engagement bait

The spam-like posts are going to be eliminated rather than the posts that asks for advice or any recommendation or some kind of immediate help. It will bring more relief to the users who are fed up of the constantly incoming posts.


Brands to Find a New Path

Previously such a stratagem would bring in more interaction for the publishers but Facebook now wants to gain such engagement authentically and not through any deliberate petition. This News Feed latest update comes pack with the previous ones which allowed posts to be shared through News Feed.

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