Google Chrome will start blinking two new warnings to users if they submit insecure forms. The warnings will arise if they submit forms over the HTTP protocol.

Google requested all users to review their websites again and ensure that all forms are submitted through the protected HTTPS protocol. Google has requested because some sites that are migrated to HTTPS still submitting their forms through HTTP protocol.

According to Google, if the forms are for lead generation then it may result in less revenue.

Chrome 86 Launch

A beta version for chrome 86 will be released in the first week of September. A full version of Chrome 86 will be released on October 6, 2020.

Statement By Google:

Chrome will be making the following changes to communicate the risks associated with mixed form submission…

Purpose For Warnings

The main motive for showing up of warnings is to alert the user that the information they are passing can be viewed by third parties. For insecure forms, the autofill feature will not work. The chrome autofill feature will work only passwords.

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First Warning Screenshot

Chrome 86 First Warning
Source: Search Engine Journal

Final Warning Screenshot

Chrome 86 Final Warning
Source: Search Engine Journal

Those who ignore the first warning and still submit the form get the final warning which blocks them from submitting. Users will only submit the form after the final warning when they take necessary actions for the submission.

Advancement In Warnings

These warnings for insecure form submission are the advancement of the existing warnings. Earlier in the address bar, chrome shows the broken lock icon and now it has moved to actual blocking the submission of the form.

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