From June, Twitter has started with a pop-up of link clicking before Retweeting. Now, many of the users are doing it after the pop-up.

According to Twitter, poking users to read the full article before retweeting is actually working. Users are now opening the article 40% more than before.

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The Pop-Up Says,

Headlines don’t tell the full story, You can read the full article on Twitter before retweeting.

Twitter Prompt
Source: The Verge

Tweet By Twitter Comms

This totally proves that the aim of coming up with a prompt is totally successful. The main reason for designing prompt features is to encourage users more about what to share or what to not.

With a complete success, the company is planning to roll out this feature globally very soon. 

Benefits Through Feature

  1. These prompts help to give more clicks which is a good thing for publishers.
  2. With this, publishers will try to put out high-quality content.
  3. This feature has great potential in exposing the good and bad publishers.
  4. With the help of prompt feature spam content, incorrect or harmful information has less chance to go viral if users rethink before retweeting it.


Only the time will tell about the large impact of this feature on the false information spread over Twitter. At the first, this feature goes into testing and available only for news publishers only. Since there is no new information has been rolled from Twitter, this feature is affecting only news outlets.

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