Against the regulator’s thought, Facebook is giving its best to integrate its messaging apps with one another. This will help users to communicate from all three apps in one place. They no longer need to download every app for messaging.


WhatsApp Will Come Up With Many New Features This Week


This step comes first from Whatsapp itself. The platform users are now seeing a new alert stating them to update “terms and privacy policy”.

WhatsApp In App Alert To Update Terms And Privacy Policy
Image Credits: XDA

The above screenshot shows the deadlines to update ‘terms and privacy policy’ by February 8, 2021.

XDA Reports

The new terms and privacy policy update builds upon a similar change WhatsApp announced in July last year, however in the previous update, WhatsApp gave users the option to “not have your WhatsApp account information shared with Facebook.” With the latest update, WhatsApp has done away with this option, and users will have to accept the new terms and privacy policy if they want to continue using the instant messenger.

The new update is more related to the sharing of information across Facebook’s messaging apps. The information might include phone numbers, transaction details. IP address, and much more.

The data shared is according to the standard data collection policy of the company. But this is the current debate topic as the company gathers more data from the users than they show.

Integration of Facebook Messaging Apps

From the user’s point of view, Facebook messaging apps integration is a much more sensible thing. But at the same time, it is very controversial as well. This integration will help to bind the Facebook back-end system.


Integration of Whatsapp with Facebook will be beneficial for the company for its e-commerce push. This will help the users to connect with Facebook pay account for the things they buy on Whatsapp.

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