WhatsApp has updated its storage management functionality, which creates a visual overview of space being used in-app. It will also recommend the things that can be deleted to create more space.


WhatsApp Will Come Up With Many New Features This Week

New Features

The new update is the improvement in the earlier feature by WhatsApp, which shows the space taken by each chat. By clicking on the chat, it shows the detailed view of space taken by messages, videos, images, and GIFs.

WhatsApp storage
Image Source – Social Media Today

The new update will give the display of the space taken by the content. It also includes thumbnails and data listing, which will suggest the user, removing the content which is not needed.

WhatsApp storage
Image Source – Social Media Today

The image above shows the listing into categories. Now the listing like, “Forwarded many times”, so content that wasn’t created for you personally, and “Larger than 5 MB”, will help the most to check the biggest culprits. This will give more clear ways to the user to create more space by deleting. As Facebook has planned to launch businesses on WhatsApp, it will be beneficial for them to manages their messages.

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