In a recent video, Google’s John Mueller confirms that “Word Count” in an article is not a quality factor for Google.

The idea of adding more words in the content was if any web page is not ranking then additional content might help them to receive more quality score and gets a higher rank over Google.


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Does Adding Relevant Content Improves Ranking?.

One of the people on the video asked whether adding “Relevant Content” on the web page increases the ranking or not? Well, the question that was asked was unclear to Mueller. According to Mueller, Relevant Content could be content related to keywords, content that is more relevant to the user intent or the content is important for the people.

In the end, Mueller said, there are many ways in which content can be helpful for ranking but which version of relevancy gives you more ranking is not clear at the moment.

Question Asked

Let’s say I want to improve content on a page. I add as much relevant content as I can for the users.

Does this mean that when I add relevant text to the page, Google automatically assumes that the page is better?

Does it work out like that? Is more text better in the eyes of Google?

It seems like updating content on the web page is a simple process and you can easily get a higher ranking. In return, Mueller firmly said, updating content over Google is not as simple as you think. According to him, updating content over Google is considered to be tougher than adding a fresh piece of content and getting rank.

Does Content Quality Is Directly Proportional To Word Count

There is a habitual assumption that content quality is directly related to the word count in the article. This assumption comes because quality content is more comprehensive.

Everytime quality is directly compared with the comprehensiveness of the article which is actually not true in the eyes of Google.

Mueller Explains

From our point of view the number of words on a page is not a quality factor, not a ranking factor.

So just blindly adding more and more text to a page doesn’t make it better.

It’s a bit like if you want to present something to a client who’s walking in, you can give them a one or two page brochure or you can give them a giant book of information.

And in some cases people will want a book with a lot of information. And in other cases people want something short and sweet.

And that’s similar to search.

If you have the information that you need for indexing for …kind of making it so that users and Googlebot understands what this page us about, what you’re trying to achieve with it uh… in a short version then fine, keep a short version, you don’t need to make it longer.

Just blindly adding text to a page doesn’t make it better.

Thin Content

Many SEO specialists think that content with fewer words won’t rank on Google as it is too short. But Google says this is not the case. According to Google, it’s not about the word count in the article. The article ranks on Google if it contains precise and accurate information that the user is looking for.

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