WordPress has launched a bug fix update, version 5.6.2. The update is successful apart from an issue impacting the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg plugin and publishers are encouraged to update.


Google Rolls Out First Major Update To Its Web Stories Plugin For WordPress

WordPress 5.6.2

This new update is called a Maintenance Update which is meant to fix the bugs that got introduced by a previous update. As it fixes the problems so it is recommended that the publishers must update their WordPress to the latest version.

Bug Fixes

This new update fixes the issue that was called the “Leave site? Changes you made may not be saved” bug. The issue was that on few pages in the Admin backend, WordPress would show a warning that the changes that were made will not be saved.

Initial Report Of The Bug

We use custom taxonomies extensively, and as of 5.6.1 today, every custom taxonomy page now prompts with “Leave site? Changes you made may not be saved.” This has never happened before for custom taxonomies and is now quickly getting really annoying.

WordPress publishers are recommended to update to version 5.6.2 because it has a bug fix and there are no reports of issues. The new WordPress 5.6.2 update appears to be a safe update and publishers are encouraged to update their WordPress installations.

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