WordPress has declared that there will be an updated color palette in the WP 5.7. This going to be easy to read and accessible at the same time. The new color palette will have more contrast. With this, WordPress is trying to make the backend more accessible and easy to understand.


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WordPress 5.7

The latest version of WordPress i.e WP 5.7 is scheduled to be launched on March 9, 2021. The main aim of this version is to make the backend more accessible to the users. The color palette is the official color mainly present for every WordPress area.

This will be the first time when the color palette is being updated since they are made. The update can affect everything which is present in the admin panel. It includes the theme and plugins notifications as well.

WordPress Says

So far the general approach to this, that has generated the most discussion and agreement, is to create a base colour palette and then apply those colours to properties named after their usage.

This would give us the flexibility to utilise the dynamic nature of CSS custom properties to change the value of properties based on certain criteria, and without the danger of the name becoming misleading or incorrect.

The other big consideration is that there are a number of alternative admin colour schemes already available, all of which should be able to take advantage of the use of custom properties once implemented.

Therefore we need to keep the number of custom properties created concise and how we implement them needs to easily extendable.

As well as this we do also need to consider fallbacks for browsers that do not support CSS Custom Properties and this could impact how we name or implement them.

New Admin Area

WordPress has two main objectives for upgrading the color palette one is to make the process easy for choosing the colors by the developers and the other is to make the admin area more accessible.

The new version consists of both light and dark theme colors. This will be a great step for those publishers who are color blind.

The users will easily guess the difference between the old and new versions if they have used both. WordPress has reduced the color scheme from 199 to 99 only.

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