Yelp updates its Yelp for Business UI which gives more control in the hand of advertisers along with campaign insights.

Single Dashboard

Previously the Ads dashboard andYelp for Business were separated, but the company has integrated them in their latest update. Yelp for Business is the same as Google My Business. The main aim of the update is for the benefits of the advertisers by which they can control everything on a single platform. It is not unlike Facebook’s recent launch of Facebook Business Suite, which integrates ads, content, and analytics of both Instagram and Facebook on a single platform.

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Yelp Mentioned Other New Features:

  • Ad Goals: This new feature allows advertisers to choose what type of engagement they want to drive, such as phone calls, website visits or messages. Businesses can also choose to let Yelp optimize for the best ROI.
  • Keywords: With keywords, advertisers can block their ad from appearing on searches they aren’t interested in. For instance, a painter that only does interior paint can ensure their ads don’t appear in ‘exterior painter’ searches. This new product gives business owners far more control over how they’re surfaced in search results.
  • Audience Size Estimator: Advertisers can now see how their ad settings will impact their potential audience size with the new audience size estimator. A widget will appear on the Ads Dashboard to tell advertisers how large their estimated monthly audience will be based on the custom ads settings they have selected. If an advertiser blocks too many keywords, for example, their expected audience will be “Limited,” and they’ll see a warning message.

Advertisers can now restart their campaign as the previous campaign will now be saved, however, previously advertisers have to start a fresh campaign from the beginning.

Yelp Announced:

As we said when we first launched the new Yelp for Business: this is just the beginning. We will continue to innovate and improve the platform to make this the best possible experience for business owners. Here is a sneak peek at what’s still to come this year.

  • Ad Impression Heat Map: With Heat Map, advertisers will have a clear visual of exactly where consumers who have seen their ads are concentrated. This new feature will make ad impressions more tangible and relevant, while providing businesses with data that helps them better utilize and adjust geotargeting to reach the areas they most care about.
  • Leads Visualization: Leads Visualization will help advertisers better understand the leads they are getting on Yelp. Business owners will have access to data on the leads that come from their ad spend and the actions consumers are taking from those leads, including calls, messages, CTA clicks and website visits, and directions and map views. With this new feature, advertisers have a transparent and easily accessible breakdown of all their leads and can strategize accordingly.

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The consideration of the Yelp Ads Dashboard into Yelp for Business bodes well from a business UX/UI viewpoint. It’s additionally an approach to rapidly uncover a lot more businesses to Yelp’s marketing capabilities

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