YouTube is adding a new metric to make it possible for creators to analyze how the video performs within the first 24 hours after uploading. Users can access the new metric in the video analytics section of the YouTube creator studio. To recover the data, choose “First 24 hours” from the date picker in the top right-hand corner.


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YouTube First 24 Hours
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

YouTube First 24 Hours Data

After clicking on the first 24 hours from the date picker as displayed in the image above, you will get to see a complete set of data that has been gathered from the first 24 hours after the video was published. Below is an example provided by YouTube:

YouTube First 24 Hours Video Analytics
Image Source: YouTube

You will be shown a summary at the top of the screen after opening the first 24 hours view. The summary, therefore, gives you the total number of views and how that compares with your previous videos. As you move down, you will get to see the total watch time the video got in its first 24 hours. The report also displays how many subscribers you have lost or gained during that time, and the amount of revenue you earned if the video gets monetized.

Compare Videos Side-by-Side

YouTube is also providing creators the ability to see how your new video has performed in comparison to your last video, or any other recent video.

Compare data side-by-side
Image Source: YouTube

You can see more granular data about the traffic sources of each video below the colorful graph.

Traffic Sources Categories

  • Browse features: Views got from YouTube recommendations.
  • Notifications: Views received from the subscribers tapping on a notification.
  • Channel pages: Views got from people tapping on it on your channel page.
  • External: Views received from people finding the video from other sources, such as social media.
  • Direct: Views got from people navigating to the URL directly.


The data gathered from a video in the first 24 hours on YouTube will be available for all newly published videos. Data for videos published before 2019 will not have the first 24 hours view. First 24 hours of data will not be available for live streams. To know more about the updates for YouTube creators, you can watch the video below:

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