YouTube Analytics Update: Notice Other Channels Your Audience Look At

YouTube has updated its Analytics in the favor of creators. Now creators are able to see which other channels their audiences are watching. This will be a whole new data for the creators and to know their competitors.

Creators can get this data from the analytics option of YouTube studio. The new data of other channels will be from the past 28 days.


YouTube Initiates “Shorts Report” Biweekly Report For The Creators


Watch Other Channels Data

This update is similar to another feature that shows which videos your audience has watched in the last week. Now, creators can see the channel data as well. Well, this new data could be an important source of information for audience insights.

Earlier video data watched by your audience includes trending videos, some old videos, videos from a closed account, and some other videos as well that won’t show the true audience curiosity.

Other Channels Your Audience Watches
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On the other side, channels watched by your audience for the last 28 days will give a true reflection of what your audience wants to watch when they open the YouTube app. Creator will get an idea about what type of content his/her audience is looking for.

How To Utilize The Data

Following are the things that a creator can inspect from the new data:

  • With this new data, a creator can watch the change of interests of the audience over a period of time. As the cycle of new data is 28 days, the creator will get an updated data on a constant basis.
  • A creator may also look for the video styles and formats that his/her audience is watching and can update its own according to them. For instance, YouTube shorts data is also counted as a normal video in a YouTube studio which can turn to be a great opportunity for a creator.
  • If your audience is watching the same niche channels as yours then you can go for the collaborations as well. This will be a win-win situation for both of the channels.
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