YouTube is testing out a new feature called Clips which allows users to create clips out of other creators’ live streams and VODs. Clips let viewers and creators take footage from a live stream which is between 5 to 60 seconds in length to share with other people.


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A clip has its own associated URL and links back to the creator’s channel. It’s more convenient to share a 15-second clip than a 3+ hour live stream, for example. An experimental version of the Clips feature is in testing to be rolling out soon.

YouTube Clips

YouTube right now is testing the Clips feature with a set of creators while taking feedback to guide it further to the development of the feature. Users can create Clips during a live stream and from the video on demand (VOD) that is uploaded afterward. You can see a clip icon under the video which is displayed like a pair of scissors if you are watching content from one of the channels that are included in the test group. Click on the clip icon to select a part of the video you want to share with others. Add a title and click ‘Share Clip’ then YouTube will create a URL for you to share.

YouTube Clips
Image Source: YouTube

Both the viewers and the creators can create and share the clips on social media channels. The clips are stored in a dedicated tab that has all the clips created by the user across YouTube. For more information about the Clips, you can watch the video below.

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