YouTube has announced a new Youtube Original, which features popular celebrities and famous influencers considering the rise in online video consumption. It will help increase interest in YouTube’s special offerings.

Statement By YouTube:

Statement By Youtube
Image Source: Social Media Today

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YouTube is also on the move to add new YouTube Kids content to entertain younger viewers. The new programs will only be available to YouTube TV and YouTube Premium subscribers at first. The regular users will then be able to watch them with ads after the end of the initial release period. It will help increase viewership and enhance connection with audiences who are looking to watch new things at present.

Considering the increased demand for video content, it is an opportunity for YouTube to make new releases and build its platform as the only destination for video content. Youtube’s exclusive content has not received much consideration yet but the platform is building up slowly and therefore expected to replace TVs.

Keeping original and well-produced content is the key to boost popularity. The addition of these new programs will assist YouTube’s overall growth.


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