YouTube creators may feel bad because it is possible that their subscriber counts get hit this week. The count will hit because YouTube is removing all closed accounts. YouTube is under maintenance as well. It is been noted that the company has removed “more than usual” number of closed accounts this time.

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Reason For Closing More Accounts:

YouTube clears more closed accounts than before because they are clarifying their site metrics. The accounts are either closed by the users or by the companies for violating the policies.

Tweet By YouTube Team:


Subscriber counts matter a lot in respect of YouTube’s monetization policies and growth features. For instance, YouTube Stories feature is accessible to those creators who have crossed 10,000 subscribers count. An0ther YouTube’s live streaming feature i.e Super Chat is available when the creator has 1000 subscribers.

Closed Accounts Explained By YouTube:

Closed Accounts Explained By YouTube
Closed Accounts Explained By YouTube
Image Source: Social Media Today


According to YouTube, losing a few subscribers should not bother creators as they are those subscribers who are not watching their content as well. In the end, YouTube says that “creators will lose fewer than 15 subscribers” from their list.

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